Helprace is a help desk, knowledge base and a customer community

Customer Service Software: helpdesk, community and knowledge base.

Helprace is a new type of customer service software. It consists of a feedback system, community, a knowledge base and a help desk all centered around your brand. 1. Use our helpdesk with your email to receive notifications and respond to users. - Save time with canned responses - Get tickets to the right people right away - Custom rules, custom filters - Just like regular email 2. Understand your users and build a better product with a community and feedback system. - Let your users submit ideas without leaving your site - Social media sign-in - Directed questions, ideas, problems, praise - Enable voting, commenting, sorting to prioritize - Multiple forums (set them as private or public) 3. Reduce your support load & cut back on tickets with a knowledge base library. - Show similar articles from your knowledge base & community as users type into search - Suggested topics in sidebar - Mark articles useful or not - Domain mapping, rich text, images, videos, pdf & much more. Lastly, businesses can customize every Helprace feature to offer a complete customer service solution in line with their goals.

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Helprace 1.2